Seego Wax and Herb Vape Pen Reviews

We try to make it a point to find deep discounted sales every quarter of the year to our retail and wholesale vaporizers customers.  (But to not damage the competitive pricing structure for our wholesale vaporizers customers, I will only go over our retail specials.)  For all of our wholesale vaporizers customers, feel free to contact us for details on our exclusive wholesale vaporizers sales.  So let’s begin with our current specials which include our dry herb, wax concentrate, and battery categories.


Dry Herb Items

Seego Vhit King – The Vhit King features one of the largest dry herb chambers from our dry herb atomizers.  It is equipped with a double filtration system for a smooth draw and also features an adjustable airflow base.  The unit is self-cleaning with the push of a button and includes accessories to keep the King operating in top notch condition.

The Vhit King Kit is nearing its EOL (End-of-Life) in our product line  But no worries, accessories and replacement parts will still be available for your Vhit King once you purchase it as it will be compatible with the Aqua.  The kit comes complete with the Vhit King with a spare coil & accessories as well as our G-hit GIB-2 Battery upgrade for the King and battery charger. The battery is a 1300mAh battery with overload protection as well as LEDs to measure battery strength.  The King comes with double filtration and airflow control which allows for deep draws and a wonderful experience.

Wax Concentrate Items

The Vhit Glacier Kit is one of our wax concentrate vaporizers and is one of our more popular units.  The Vhit Glacier Kit comes complete with the wax vaporizer, a spare coil, and tools to pack and maintain the unit.  The kit is equipped with a battery charger and the G-hit GIB-2 battery which is 1300mAh and performs beautifully with the Glacier.  The Vhit Glacier kit comes in two options: single coil and dual coil.


Seego G-Hit Battery 650mahOur first sale unit is our 650mAh G-hit battery is our basic model battery unit and has an output of about 4.2V.  They feature 510 threading and eGo threading so it should be able to accommodate most atomizers out in the market.  It is available in a variety of colors and are ready to ship to your location once we receive your order.

G-hit GIB-2 Battery 1300mAh Not compatible with Vhit King cOur GIB-2 batteries are also currently on sale.  These batteries come in a beatuiful chrome finish, are equipped with color coded LEDs which let you know the current charge and have beauty rings to accommodate 510 and eGo threading.  We designed one of these special for the Vhit King so be sure to differentiate which unit you need: the King Version (for the King) or the non-King Version (for all other models: Glacier, Rise, Type C, etc.)

TC-50W -11Finally, for a limited time only though, we have our newest battery which we introduced last month, the TC-50W, currently on sale.  This is our 50W digital mod battery unit with 3 different modes: voltage mode, wattage mode, and temperature mode. These units basically flew off our shelves and we are very happy with their performance.

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