iTaste MVP is Still The Best Mod!

itaste-mvpOk guys, I have tried around a dozen or so regulated variable voltage / variable wattage ecig/vape mods over the past year and I gotta say that the Innokin iTaste MVP is still my favorite VV mod! Not only do I use it as a regular vape but I also use it to charge my phone quite often. If you didn’t know, the iTaste MVP also serves as a back-up power bank.

The MVP is in my stash of vapes I use on a regular basis. This beast has been vaping like a champ for over a year now and no issues. My MVP has been covered in so many stickers that I lost count. I recently took them all off and wiped it down with Goo-Gone and looks brand new. I’ve also dropped this a ton of times and the only thing that has ever been damaged was the atomizer.

Now the MVP 2.0 kit comes with an iClear 30 atomizer but I’ve ditched my iClear30’s and just put a Kanger Aerotank on my MVP and it works awesome with the new Kanger dual coils!

There are also a couple other special “designer” versions such as the MVP Shine with Swarovski Crystals and the MVP Energy. These come with a different atomizer, the iClear16B I believe. I has the wood grain design version. The only thing different on these kits compared to the regular ones are is basically it has sticker or different paint job and some crystals along with a different atomizer. It works just as great just costs a couple bucks extra.

So yeah, if you are trying to decide on a new mod to get and haven’t tried the MVP yet, then definitely go get one. You can buy an iTaste MVP now for a pretty good price, they are $49 at I mean why pay three times as much for a new mod that might have issues, or get ripped off with some crappy clone when you can get a sturdy ass mod that is tried and true.

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