Most Popular Electronic Cigarettes Reviewed


VAPES $16.95 3 day 99+ #1,259
V2 Cigs $19.95+ 3 days 10 #6,237
Green Smoke $89.99+ 2 days 7 #26,743
Vapor Couture $79.95+ 3 days 6 #48,286
Blu $69.95+ 2 days 7 #51,738
South Beach Smoke $29.99+ 3 days 10 #72,911
Eversmoke $24.99+ 3 days 6 #102,279
Totally Wicked $25.00+ ??? 100+ #110,253
Vapor 4 Life $24.99+ ??? 25 Not Tested #147,215
Volcano $22.99+ ??? 34 Not Tested #155,693
Victory X X SCAM #158,655
Novo $30.00+ ??? 35 Not Tested #169,832
Vapor Nine $19.95+ ??? 9 Not Tested #184,149
Premium E-Cigarette $19.95+ ??? 19 Not Tested #189,939
LiteCigUSA $20.00+ ??? 100+ Not Tested #193,758
Alt-Smoke $40.00+ ??? 100+ Not Tested #194,929
White Cloud $59.95+ 2 days 11 #210,390
Halo Cigs $30.00+ ??? 23 Not Tested #222,392
Smoke 51 $69.95+ ??? 7 Not Tested #226,293
Apollo $54.95+ 2 days 19 #248,749
TheMagicMist $21.95+ 2 days 2 #252,764
Bull Smoke $74.95+ 2 day 10 #301,492
The Safe Cig $69.95+ ??? 14 Not Tested #336,654
Vantage Vapor $49.95+ ??? 4 Not Tested #384,550
NICOmate $79.95+ ??? 6 Not Tested #404,189
Smoke Tip $59.95+ ??? 19 Not Tested #415,326
Choice 7’s $29.99+ ??? 17 Not Tested #441,137
TECC £24.99+ ??? 100+ Not Tested #491,563
Revolver Cig $19.99+ ??? 100+ Not Tested #594,531
Vapor Alley $35.99+ ??? 50 Not Tested #626,665
Cigarti $89.99+ ??? 11 Not Tested #698,385
SmokeStik $39.95+ ??? 6 Not Tested #707,044
777 eCigs $19.95+ 2 days 16 #788,332
KRAVE $6.95+ ??? 2 Not Tested #858,428
Bedford Slims $22.00+ 2 days 3 #953,890
Frii $19.97+ ??? 6 Not Tested #1,405,645
Luci $59.95+ ??? 4 #1,596,303
Chase Cigs Coupon Code Ozone Smoke $69.95+ 2 days 10 #2,110,530
Chase Cigs Coupon Code Chase Cigs $19.95+ ??? 5 Not Tested #2,387,577
Chase Cigs Coupon Code Green Puffer $159.95+ ??? 2 Not Tested #2,486,275


A lot of the most popular electronic cigarettes are pretty much the same quality device, some are exactly the same with just different logo branding and print. However the thing that sets many electronic cigarette companies apart would be price, flavor, and customer service. With that said, we have based each review primarily on these three key factors. Ultimately you want to find the combination that works best for you.

Over one billion people all over the world are smokers and over 400,000 people die each year in the United States alone because of smoking related illnesses such as lung cancer. Government agencies and anti-smoking lobbyist groups have taken significant steps in informing the public that smoking is a harmful habit and it may cause death or diseases, such as cancer. Nonetheless, smokers continue to grow in numbers and they just could not easily quit smoking cigarettes because of the addictive pull of its nicotine. Hence, nicotine patches, nicotine gums and other non-tobacco nicotine products have been invented to help smokers get rid of the harmful tobacco. Nothing really worked, until the electronic cigarette or electronic cigarette came along a couple of years ago. The electronic cigarette is an electronic smoking device that could potentially cause a significant drop in tobacco use worldwide.

Makers of electronic cigarettes proudly announce that smokers can now enjoy a healthy way of smoking. The electronic cigarette contains liquid nicotine, but no tobacco. The liquid nicotine is converted to vapor within the batter-powered device, and this vapor is inhaled by the smoker for his nicotine fix. The smoker then blows out smoke, as in traditional smoking, except the smoke that comes out of him is not harmful; it is just vaporized nicotine that is not as toxic as burnt tobacco. For this reason, electronic smoking may be allowed in public places. Anyone nearby does not have to worry about secondhand smoke.

The experience in using electronic cigarette is just the same as in using the traditional cigarette. The smoker’s mind therefore is tricked that their smoking habit remains the same. If anyone quits tobacco smoking this way, he will not go through bouts of painful withdrawal from nicotine. Instead, he will continue his habit while allowing his lungs to recover from tobacco stress. Electronic cigarette reviews are becoming more and more popular online. Electronic cigarette reviews are also being popularized by word of mouth and reliable testimonials of people who have been able to quit tobacco upon shifting to review electronic cigarettes.

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3 thoughts on “Most Popular Electronic Cigarettes Reviewed

  1. I recommend everything about White Cloud ecigs.
    Long lasting batteries that recharge charge quickly.
    Each cartridge is, roughly, the equivalent to 2 packs of cigarettes, so great value. The selection of flavors and amount of nicotine is awesome. I am still using the X and XX nicotine saturation as I have no desire to cut back on nicotine. I smoke several of the flavors, and haven’t yet settled on just one.
    The service at White Cloud is the best. Orders are filled promptly. Problems, if they occur, are taken care of (An order lost in delivery or a broken battery) in a New York minute.

  2. White cloud cigarettes have been wonderful in keeping me from smoking a traditional cigarette for over a year now!! I have the white cloud cirrus 3 and use extra menthol cartridges. The cartridges taste great and are smooth to inhale. The Cirrus 3 cigarette charges quickly and draws smoothly. I would recommend white cloud cigarettes to all those who want to quit smoking! Before starting white cloud I smoked a pack of Newport cigarettes a day! Now a 5 pack cartridge which costs 20 bucks lasts me all week or longer!!!

  3. I tried WhiteCloud as I was walking through the mall one day and I’m so glad I did. I had been talking to my wife about quitting smoking and then there the kiosk was. They taste great and really satisfy the urge to smoke. I can do it inside so I’m not always banished to the back porch. It’s great and so much healthier. I’m so glad I found WhiteCloud!

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