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When White Cloud advertised that they came up with Cirrus III, I admit that I got curious with their *glightest*h e-cigarette because one of the things I noticed and did not like when I started using electronic cigarettes was the weight.

Of course, it was understandable that e-cigarettes are heavier than traditional cigarettes but because of that, they are more prone to being dropped especially by someone as clumsy as me. The developers of Cirrus III made sure that their lightest e-cigarette has a shock absorption system to make it last longer despite drops or falls. Aside from being lighter than Cirrus II, Cirrus III is also shorter. The lighter weight and shorter length makes White Cloud Cirrus III look and feel like the actual thing.

When I bought the White Cloud Cirrus III starter kit, I received 5 White Cloud patented SmoothDraw cartridges, 3 Cirrus III electronic cigarette batteries with LED, 1 USB charger, 1 AC adapter, and 1 user manual.

The cartridge looks like the filter of a regular cigarette. In Cirrus III, the cartridges contain nicotine, a propylene glycol-glycerin mixture, a vaporizer, and flavoring. The vaporizer is responsible for heating the liquid, which produces the smoke-like vapor that you inhale and exhale. Cirrus III offers seven flavors (regular, menthol, vanilla, espresso, chocolate, clove, and strawberry) so I ordered the variety pack because I couldn’t make up my mind when I was trying to decide what to order. The patented SmoothDraw system allows me to draw the vapor with a smooth and soft pull, which is comparable to smoking a real cigarette.

Having multiple batteries is great because they allow me to smoke without worrying that the electronic cigarettes will run out of power. In addition, the batteries have LED tips that glow red whenever I take a drag. It’s as if I’m smoking a real cigarette!

From what I learned, the previous models of White Cloud e-cigarettes only had USB chargers, which was great since you can charge it whenever there is a USB port. However, in addition to a USB charger, I also received an AC adapter. This provided more versatility and is especially helpful when traveling.

Finally, the user manual is perfect for people who are using electronic cigarettes for the first time. I also found the tips for taking care of the product particularly useful.

Initially, I thought that the main drawback with White Cloud e-cigarettes was the price. I had debated whether it will be a great investment so before I bought the starter kit, I read many consumer reviews of different electronic cigarette brands, including White Cloud. What convinced me to buy were the reviews from people who said that the batteries lasted for long periods. I need to travel a lot for work so I’m frequently too busy to keep recharging my e-cigarette batteries. This was my dilemma with a couple of brands I tried in the past. I’ve been using White Cloud for three weeks now and I must say that I’m a very satisfied customer.

Warranty and Wall Adapter: WCKIT30

Warranty and Car Adapter : WCKIT30

2 thoughts on “White Cloud E-Cigs

  1. I have been using the White Cloud e-cig for almost 9 months and have not had a cigarette since. I have tried the disposable kind and they are definitely not as great tasting and effective as the White Cloud. The prices are afforable, and no need to fill cartridges yourself. I will never go back to smoking, how wonderful to not have the after taste, smell, and be able to smoke inside again!! I recommend this product to everyone and anyone that wants to quit smoking without the medicines, and crazy withdrawls. Staff is extremely friendly, shipping quick, and product is top of the line.

  2. I have been using White Cloud for only one day, but I have not thought about a regular cigarette!! My husband and I are really enjoying the tase of the light regular and it seems very close to the real deal… I researched for weeks regarding different brands of E cigs and WC consistently had the best reviews. I tried a different disposable brand and it lacked the “intensity” of the Cirrus 3. My shipment was mailed the day I ordered the kit and I received it exactly as promised. They even included a pack of vapor jackets!!!

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