White Cloud Cirrus 3

White Cloud eCig has a product line known as Cirrus. Ever since they started marketing these electronic devices, they have consistently upgraded these devices. The latest model is the Cirrus 3 which is small and light. It has the Smooth Draw cartridge that ensures the user of a consistent delivery with ease. White Cloud has an orange LED light instead of the typical red one.

White Cloud has 6 different nicotine levels from Double Extra Strength to No Nicotine. White Cloud has a white battery and Vaporizer in Cartridge design. For obvious reasons, the name is derived from the white cloud of smoke-like vapor produce by this brand of e-cig every time the user takes a drag. With 7 flavors to choose from such as Chocolate and Vanilla, it also offers the standard Tobacco and Menthol.

Here’s what is inside a White Cloud Smooth Draw eCigarette.

Looking for an e-cigarette? What are the factors that you take into consideration? Is it the price, the way it loooks, the flavors, or the amount of water vapor it can generate?

If you are a White Cloud vaper, do add your review. What nicotine level do you normally use? What is your favorite White Cloud flavor? Have you tried any other brand aside from White Cloud and can make a comparative review? Why did you buy White Cloud eCigs?


Warranty and Wall Adapter: WCKIT30

Warranty and Car Adapter : WCKIT30

6 thoughts on “White Cloud Cirrus 3

  1. I have never been as happy with a product like White Cloud. I really do not want to quit smoking entirely. My husband and I travel frequently and most places are now smoke-free. What a joy to be able to ‘smoke’ in a restaurant or hotel without breaking any laws! I’ve been using White Cloud products for about a year and a half now and have gone from over 2 packs of regular cigarettes a day to less than a pack (on average). There isn’t a product out there that comes close to White Cloud to simulate the real thing. I enjoy the extra strength and the kick flavored cartridges. I upgraded to the cirrus III a few months ago and am delighted by the amount of pulls on each charged battery. The variety of flavors, the shipping and the customer service are excellent. I highly recommend!

  2. First, I’ll start by saying I tried a few different brands of ecigs and had no luck with any of them. Then, at a kiosk in the mall, I demo’d the White Cloud brand and knew there was something different – better. Turns out to be one of the best investments I have ever made. Not only have I almost quit smoking regular cigs, I also feel better, taste food more, and best of all, I do not smell like an ashtray all day. I highly suggest the espresso flavor – fantastic!

  3. Before I trie White Cloud I had tried cold turkey, the patch and gum. None of these worked for me because they didn’t offer the realistic smoking experience of White Cloud. I’ve been able to eliminate the toxic effects of smoking by using these well designed, reliable units. The service when ordering on line is excellent as well as the customer service.If onlt this product had been available 30 years ago. Satisfaction is what you get and I’m pretty hard to please.

  4. I am so, so pleased with White Cloud as a whole. Ordering is easy and shipping fast. I love the flavor options but just regular and menthol flavor are my favorites. The option of customizing a pack so you can try all the flavors is awesome. After being a smoker for over 10 years, I bought this to try , not thinking about quitting traditional cigarettes, and I have never gone back. And will never go back. It’s that enjoyable. I tell everyone to try it. I gave my sister one and she loves it as well. My husband is very happy that I quit. I can do this while he’s in the car or beside me on the couch and it doesn’t bother him a bit. That’s a big deal. I’m a very happy customer!

  5. I love my white cloud e cig! I’ve been trying different flavors… It makes it fun!
    I enjoy using this the most while riding the motorcycle… It doesn’t go out, or ash all over me. Yay!

  6. I’ve been utilizing the Cirrus3X batteries for about 8 months and at first I had a lot of issues with them, as well as the Cirrus 3 batteries. After doing everything I was told to do, with no results, they replaced everything I had and I started with everything new. I’ve not had a problem since. I QUIT SMOKING TOBACCO CIGS because of WhiteCloud e-cigs!

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