VHITSmooth delivery is what the VHIT herbal vaporizer is all about. With a cool design making it look like most ecigarettes, there’s a design feature which makes it bring the hit in a terrific manner.

The VHIT herbal vaporizer has no clogging issues. It has a cloud funnel that is designed in such a way that it delivers the airflow in a smooth manner.

The VHIT has top coil/bowl and this is where the wax it placed to drip down. It has a center atomizer stem that works to heat any remaining wax in the cartridge.

Perfect for thick oils and heavy wax, this is not to be used with e-liquids, tobacco, and other dried herbs.

The VHIT herbal vaporizer has a choice of black, steel, white, red, blue, or pink casing.

The VHIT kit includes a 650mAh rechargeable battery unit, an atomizer, a USB charging cable, and a small zipper case and may be purchased at the low price of $29.95.

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