Vhit Reload Dry Herb Atomizer Set

Load up and use the high-tech dry herb atomizer that’s one of the newest and most advanced in the market to day. Made by Seego, the Vhit Reload Dry Herb Atomizer set has a design that make it super easy to place in the dry herbs and unload it as it has a pushable mouthpiece cashing system.


When you are determined not to settle for anything less than the best but would like to be budget-wise, searching for a great dry herb atomizer may seem like a daunting task and you’ll be glad to know that aside from the low price, the reload feature, the Vhit Reload has a completely rebuildable atomizer and a replacable atomizer core.

This portable vaporizer pen is designed in such a way that it can produce intense clouds of vapor and what it is made of is top of the line. The tube is made out of tempered Pyrex glass, with gold-plated contacts, and stainless steel components. The battery is threaded and this device is compatible with other ecigs batteries such as Ego, Atmos, Trippy Stick, Joyetech, and Eureka.

Vhit Reload Dry Herb Atomizer Set

When you buy the Vhit Reload Dry Herb Atomizer Set it includes an atomizer base and an atomizer cover, 3 pieces of the head heating element, a glass case tubing, the tip, and a cleaning tool.

The Vhit Reload Dry Herb Atomizer Set is one of the best devices to use to get that smooth vapor hit.

2 thoughts on “Vhit Reload Dry Herb Atomizer Set

  1. Did anyone try this before writing this review? It’s terrible for dry or moist herb,pot ,ganja, whatever you want to call it. No matter if you do a fine grind or course or somewhere in the middle it will still clog . The screen at the end of the plunger is to fine for herb and such a small diameter. You will be lucky to receive 2 great hits off it, don’t worry about three. Anyways wish my iolite did not die, might buy another. Not a happy stoner!!!!!

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