Vantage Vapor

Today’s technological advancements has come to such an astonishing level that it has dramatically revolutionized our way of life. In the field of electronic cigarettes, for example, advancements have broken through a whole new level of innovative products that provide inexpensive alternative cigarettes.

Many electronic cigarettes users have quit smoking all together and there are more that are joining this worldwide revolution. At first, it seemed that these devices were a fad but with the never-ending improvements being made to serve the need of having an alternative cigarette that may be used in places where smoking is banned and address the issues of the older models which include lack of consistent delivery and low vapor production, a few of the newest ones are simply great.

In the wake of various new brands in the electronic cigarette market, now comes another innovation called Vantage Vapor. It’s rapidly gaining popularity as it is a lot more reliable and cheaper than other well-known electronic cigarette brands.

Vantage Vapor is created with the classic 2-break design which is the simplest of all electronic cigarette styles and the most user-friendly. The two main parts of this brand that are to be place together are the battery and cartridge that houses the flavor and nicotine level of choice.

Vantage Vapor is remarkably easy-to-use and has consistent vapor delivery. The other great thing about Vantage Vapor, is that the e-cigs are 100% compatible with V2 Cigs!

The Vantage Vapor starter kit may be bought at the retail price of $49.95. For wholesale prices, one may inquire at their website. Each Vantage Vapor Starter Kit includes:

  • 2 Vantage Vapor Automatic Batteries (White)
  • 1 5-pack Vantage Vapor Flavor Cartridges
  • 1 Wall Adapter
  • 1 USB Charger
  • 1 Vantage Vapor User Guide

The Vantage Vapor cartridges contains both flavor and the nicotine strength level of choice which ranges from the strongest hit to zero. It has 4 flavors which are the Virginia tobacco American Blend, Turkish Classic Tobacco, fresh-tasting Menthol, and the Juicy Mint which is a blend of sweetened peppermint and spearmint.

The new technology that goes into Vantage Vapor makes it have a performance level that will satisfy the needs of many users.

It’s a great alternative cigarette and may be bought at a low price.




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