V2 Vapor Cigarettes

Want to try one of the most popular electronic cigarette today? V2 is the latest smokeless cigarette that offers no tar, terrible smell or ash! The v2 starter kit is complete and ready to go with 2 batteries, 10 cartridges, a USB charger and wall mount charger. Unsure of what flavors to choose from? Try the v2 sampler pack. This includes 9 vapor cartridges of our most popular flavors; 1x Cowboy, 1x Congress, 1x Sahara, 1x Menthol, 1x Peppermint, 1x Coffee, 1x Cherry, 1x Vanilla, and 1x Chocolate. Inhaling a traditional tobacco cigarette has harmful chemicals, tar and is very unattractive.

Do you still enjoy that nicotine kick? A V2 Power Cig has a special 5.1 volt device that produces a thicker vapor for those who still want to enjoy nicotine. The brand new v2 uses water to vaporise nicotine instead of inhaling the many carcinogens in a tobacco cigarette. V2 is great alternative to traditional tobacco. The V2 electronic cigarette is much healthier way to get nicotine when you want it. Forget about the nasty old ways of smoking a tobacco cigarette. The revolutionary v2 features a water vapouriser that creates no tar, or stench.

Want a low profile Power Cig? The Notebook Cig still has the same 5.2volt atomiser as the Power Cig. But its slim and short profile is a must for someone who enjoys smoking on the computer. The Notebook Cig also features a USB cord that is shorter for easy use. Both the Power Cig and Notebook Cig include a users manual with step by step instructions to replace cartridges, and use device.

A regular tobacco cigarette has thousands of harmful chemicals and tar that have been known to cause cancer. Choose many of the flavors you already enjoy such as menthol, v2 Red, and many more. We offer refill vapor cartridges, charging accessories and starter kits for new E cigarette smokers.

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  1. I used a discount code I found “newdirection” and got 15% off the starter kit. Great product and great discount. Discount doesn’t expire and I am in love with the product. Great website here too!

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