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Here’s a high-tech device in the simplest form with a special low resistance coil that makes it function without the burning taste of the e-liquid that is the common complaint of users of other e-cig brands.

Urus Cigs come in the classic style which is the 2 break design, and it’ll be just like being in Marlboro Country with no need to walk a mile for a Camel because this nicotine delivery system help a smoker totally enjoy the new world of flavors that is distinct to the vaping experience.

Urus Cigs provides the ‘smoking’ pleasure that is sought-after as there’s hardly any difference to tobacco cigarettes when it comes to how to use it except for the e-cig benefits which include that of having no tobacco, no smelly smoke, and no ashes.

Using Urus Cigs is the easy way to kick the habit without feeling the withdrawal symptoms.

There are 2 types of Urus Cigs devices which are the rechargeable and the disposable.

The 2 main components of their rechargeable smart design e-cig are the aluminum lining coated with a polished gloss finish battery and the cartridge which is individually sealed on both ends to ensure freshness. These two components are screwed on together after the battery has been fully charged. The cartridge has the e-liquid flavor and the nicotine level of choice. To operate it, one simply takes a puff to activate the process to ignite the signature amber light which automatically stops when inhaling does because of the mart micro controller, and the vapor is generated for the user to enjoy the flavored vapor. These come in starter kits that is composed of a rechargeable battery, USB charger, 3 cartridges, and a reusable matte Urus Cigs case.

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Urus Cigs has 5 of the most popular flavors and these are Premium Tobacco, Menthol Fresh, Cherry Blast, Apple Delight, and Coffee Blend. These have 3 nicotine levels to choose from which are full (2.4mg), medium (1.8mg), and light (0mg).

Each Urus Cigs disposable electronic cigarette is equivalent to two full pack of traditional cigarettes and can produce a 300 satisfying puffs of rich flavored vapor. It comes in Tobacco or Menthol flavors.

When you buy the Urus Cigs disposable electronic cigarette, you’ll get a $5 coupon for a Urus Cigs rechargeable starter kit.

Don’t you think it’s time to make the switch to an e-cig brand that is currently the only one to address the concern of the burning taste of e-liquids? You’ll taste the difference and love the real feel of Urus Cigs.

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