South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke has been the latest trend in smokeless tobacco. This electronic cigarette provides a flavored vapor of nicotine. Quiting smoking has never been easier with South Beach Smoke. It is not a surprise the E-cigarette is a healthier way to get a nicotine kick. Find our many starter packages, such as the Premium and Deluxe Kit. Check out the variety of flavors and accessories suite you most. Choose from exotic flavors such as chocolate, vanilla and many more. Order a variety package that includes one of each flavor South Beach Smoke offers. Find out what special offers we have in store today.

The South Beach Deluxe Kit includes the top of the line two piece battery and atomiser combo. The two piece combo has a better streamline smoke and features the extra capacity lithium ion battery and a standard lithium ion battery. The Deluxe Plus package includes a USB charger and universal carrying kit which is a must have for anyone. A portable battery charger is also included with both offers. This Deluxe package also features 5 cartridges that are equivalent to 6 packs of cigarettes. Click here for our promotional offer.

The South Beach Premium starter kit includes a three piece kit E Cigarette kit and accessories that includes 6 cartridges with a variety of flavors to sample. The Premium Plus package includes an additional USB and car charger with a carrying case. Also included is the extra capacity lithium lion battery.

Never worry about smoking in a vehicle, smelling of smoke or ruing sensitive equipment. The E cigarette is latest technology in smokeless tobacco. Smokers have a chance to quit and use a vapor form of nicotine instead of traditional cigarettes. Find the flavor tailored to your tastes if your purchase now receive a $100 gas rebate.



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