Smokeless Me

Smokeless Me aids you in quitting the “Despicable Me” smoking habit. An innovative e-cigarette it has quite a catchy term for it’s product line, calling them tech-bacco. Is this electronic cigarette the real Mercedes Benz of such devices? If you’ve ever tried this brand of electronic cigarettes please feel free to submit your reviews.

Aside from the typical features that an e-cig has such as various nicotine levels and flavor, Smokeless Me has more to offer. Here are the special innovative upgrades that this brand has with the SM 910G model Luxe Starter Kit:

*A realistic cigarette pack which plugs in the wall to self-charge
*Filter portion is paper wrapped making it more like a tobacco cigarette
*A combined cartridge and atomizers capable of 400-450 puffs each
*Batteries recharged in less than 2.5 hours

Smokeless Me also has a Deluxe Starter Kit which has an atomizer that can be replaced after each use. This will ensure you a top-preforming device and smooth delivery. This kit has two batteries and upgraded chargers. If you don’t want to go through the complication of having to recharge your e-cigarette, Smokeless Me offers the Disposable SM 990Z. This can give you a stupendous amount of puffs, ranging from 400-450 per purchase.

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