Smoke Free Electronic Cigarette

In this Smoke Free review, there are a lot of free stuff such as an e-hookah, coupon codes, rewards, and whole lot more.

It’s a good decision to buy electronic cigarettes from one of the original companies in the US. You can expect quality and excellent customer service.

Smoke Free has 5 kinds of electronic cigarette kits which are the Gold, Duet, Tattoo, Electronic Hookah, and the Electronic Cigar. The Smoke Free accessories are carrying cases, chargers, adapters, atomizers, and batteries. This brand also has the necessary replacement components which are the e-liquids, cartomizers, cartridges, and e-Cigar refills.

The e-liquid has in 4 nicotine levels which are high, medium, low, or none. These have a variety of flavors such as tobacco, menthol, apple, vanilla, etc. The e-Cigar has two flavors which are original cigar and menthol.

Smoke Free Electronic Cigarette offers:

Gold and Premium VIP membership. This entitles the bearer a full year of discounts, special promos, and free products.

Free shipping. This given when the order amounts to over $100 and the delivery address is in the US.

Club membership. By simply signing up for emails, you get updates on new sales and promos.

Reward points. For every purchase, there are equivalent points that can be use to get discounts. If you have earned a lot of points, these may be also used to get products.

Bulk purchase discounts. The more you spend, the higher the discounts, and these discounts are applied automatically upon checkout.

Lifetime warranty. This applies to the battery unit and chargers. The cartridges and cartomizers ha a one year warranty.

When buying electronic cigarettes, there are a number of things that have to be taken into account. To make a studied decision, one has to look at the company, the device features, the design, warranties, and the price.

If you want to check out this company’s products, there is a comparative chart and specifics in their website.

For a limited time, when you buy a Smoke Free electronic hookah kit, you get free analog e-hookah.

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