Smoke Assist

Smoke Assist is an electronic cigarette with a three-break design. The shell is made from stainless steel which encases a micro-computer control circuit battery. Smoke Assist is ideal for those who want an alternative option to smoking tobacco cigarettes. One advantage that you have when using this specific product is that all the ingredients are revealed. Note that the nicotine of this electronic cigarette is derived from tobacco leaves.

Smoke Assist has sold over 10 million cartridges. It markets the two conventional flavors which are Tobacco and Menthol. The flavors, look, and feel of this e-cigarette replicate that of conventional cigarettes. Here are the components of Smoke Assist to further your understanding about these kind of electronic devices.

Do you really believe that an e-cigarette can replace a tobacco cigarette? Are you one of the many thousands that was able to cut down or totally stop smoking with the use of Smoke Assist or any other brand?

Ever since the first electronic cigarette was made in China, there has been numerous technological advancements made. In the past year, the changes are fantastic. Aside from offering the vaper various colors and designs, the flavors you can choose from are so different from what you can experience with a tobacco cigarette.

Do you think that in the future, no one will be smoking tobacco products anymore? Will these e-cigarettes be the replacement?

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