Electronic cigarettes abound and it might be confusing to choose a certain brand. What are the factors that you have to take into consideration when buying an e-cigarette? Price is something that ideally should not be considered as what you are buying is a product that can be reused. It’s an investment.

There are some e-cigs that have 2 components, 3 break designs, and a few that have more parts that require a bit more effort to assemble. The common flavors that you will find are Tobacco and Menthol. Many electronic cigarette brands offer a wider range of flavors which allow your to enjoy the experience of taking a drag and tasting fruits like Blueberry or a dessert like Chocolate. The flavor can be integrated into the cartridge or an eLiquid has to be dropped in. There are a few that only have one nicotine level which is high, yet the newer brands provide the user with 4 to 6 different levels that range high to zero.

RiteSmoke is one of the brands of e-cigarettes that offer the complete electronic starter kit and different flavors. It has 3 components and sells only high and medium nicotine level cartridges.

In your opinion, what is the most important factor that will make you decide to buy a certain brand? Would it be the amount of water vapor that it produces? The flavor choices? The ease of use? The reputation of the company? State your piece in the comment form of this review.


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