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There are over 1,000,000,000 smokers in the world and that is because nicotine is addictive. A nicotine reduction kit might be the key to kicking the habit – and if it is an electronic cigarette, then the actions that a smoker is used to doing can be continued until the urge to smoke lessens and one will no longer be dependent on tobacco products and/or e-cigs.

There are a lot of stop smoking aids that address the problem of nicotine addition such as patches and gum. Though many people get to reduce and quit smoking using these and other methods such as going cold turkey, the nicotine withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, anxiety, weight gain, and depression make stopping smoking a miserable experience.

This review of Proton Electronic Cigarettes offers a nicotine reduction method that helps prevent/reduce nicotine withdrawal symptoms and make the experience a more pleasant one.

To be able to continue the habit without smoking tobacco and get to cut down on the nicotine intake, this brand has created the Nicotine Reduction kit in the classic 2-break electronic cigarette design.

Proton Nicotine Reduction Kit

This electronic cigarette kit has 40 cartridges that step down incrementally (by 10s) the nicotine level from 16mg to 8mg, 4mg and to 0mg. These are available in 7 flavors which are Tobacco, Menthol, Black Currant, Cherry, Chocolate, Peach, and Vanilla. This kit also includes the various components required for e-smoking such as an atomizer, battery, and charger, and also adds on a leather carrying case.

Proton Electronic Cigarettes also offers the conventional electronic cigarette starter kit that has all the components include in the Nicotine Reduction kit. The difference between the starter and reduction kit is the number of cartridges, the carrying case is excluded, and there is only one nicotine level that can be chosen.

Proton Electronic Cigarettes currently gives away free starter kits that may be availed of when re-ordering their cartridges.

If you are a smoker, you would understand how badly the nicotine cravings feel and what is felt when one runs out of cigarettes or is down to the last stick. There is a great possibility that smoking can be stopped altogether when you order the Proton Electronic Cigarettes Nicotine Reduction Kit.

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