Us smokers know that it’s a bad habit but then we do want to stop but can’t. There are those who can quit cold turkey, yet most of us need to light up. Being down to our last stick is an aggravating moment. We have now a back up plan – get an e-cigarette by searching the reviews for the one that suits you.

Since we don’t have a choice, being banned from smoking in certain places, being nagged by some of the people who surround us, and maybe had a directive from our physician, buying an e-cig sure looks like a good way to quit. Yet, if you can’t, just do it for the fun of it. What you can do is check out the electronic cigaretter reviews and compare flavors, appearance, durability, and design.

No7 electronic cigarettes has a Colored Cartomizer option. A rainbow of ‘filters’, it requires a flavored eLiquid to be dropped in. You may enjoy the taste sensation unique to e-cigarettes such as fruits like cherry and blueberry or the popular chocolate. No7 eLiquid flavors include tobacco, menthol, and cigar. With a two-break design, you can change the color of the cartridge to identify the flavor or match your mood and outfit.

Using e-cigs can be fun. There are so many brands to pick from and so many flavors to enjoy a fat-free treat. Study the best e-cig reviews and enter the world of vaping. You never be down to your last stick.

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