NJoy eCigs is an typical electronic cigarette. Simple to use, with a two-piece design, NJoy has the two standard flavors which are Tobacco and Menthol. NJoy has four nicotine levels which are Regular, Medium, Low, and None. The cartridge of NJoy has the vaporizer inside it. This is a good feature to find as every time you change the cartridge, the vaporizer is replaced, ensuring you better delivery of the flavored water vapor. The cartridge bottle is child-proof.

NJoy has the usual White Battery plus the choice of a Camouflage Rechargeable Battery. Aside from a carrying case, it also has a leather carrying pouch. Njoy eCigs has a Mini Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit which is probably one of the most inexpensive ones available. This Mini Kit has just the essentials which is a battery, a cartridge, and a USB battery kit. It also sells a complete electronic cigarette kit with cartridge replacements.

Why do you want to get into the world of vaping? Is it because you would like to quit smoking? Is it due to the fact that you want to use an eCig in public places like airport terminals or restaurants? Have you purchased NJoy? Do add your comments to this review.


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