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Nicomate Electronic Cigarette FREE Trial With FREE Gift!


The NICOmate electronic cigarette brand is rated 4.9/5 based on 484 customer reviews.

Their rechargeable e-cig has classic 2 break design and looks like a traditional cigarette. It has 2 main components that are screwed together which are the high capacity lithium ion rechargeable ecigarette battery (200 mAh) and the disposable nicotine cartomizers.

Each of these disposable cartridges gives out up to 300 puffs and are available in tobacco, menthol, mint, apple, and strawberry flavor.

The NICOmate rechargable e-cigs are sold as complete starter kits and various accessories may be added on such as a stylish aluminum casing with a choice of 10 colors. Replacement batteries and new cartridges may also be bought at their website.

NICOmate has their disposable electronic cigarettes which are ready to use and generate more than 400 puffs which is about the equivalent of 1 1/2 pack traditional tobacco cigarettes. These have a one piece design and a unique soft silicone mouth piece. It comes in 2 of the traditional flavors which are tobacco and menthol.

NICOmate electronic cigarettes are covered by 30 day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty.

Most other electronic cigarette brands provide a choice of nicotine levels but NICOmate does not. What it does have is a comprehensive ingredient list, instruction manual, and a highly detailed guide on how to care for the product so that the batteries will last longer and the contents of the cartridges remain fresh.

This NICOmate rechargeable electronic cigarette kit contains:

1 standard high capacity lithium ion rechargeable ecigarette battery (200 mAh)
1 extended life high capacity battery (280 mAh)
1 USB E-Cigarette Charger
1 E-Cigarette Wall Charger
15 disposable nicotine cartomizers (tobacco flavor)
Instruction manual
Lifetime Warranty Card

One can get the NICOmate electronic cigarette starter kit with this review’s 14-day free trial offer. The FREE gift is the NICOmate car charger.

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