MicroG Pen Vape Starter Kit

The MicroG is a herbal vaporizer that comes from the same manufacturer of the original Gpen. Heavy oil and wax vapers will like this light and sleek device that delivers a smooth and full draw.

MicroG Pen Vape Starter Kit

The MicroG Pen is smaller than most other herbal vaporizers and it is super slim. The battery/atomizer is button activated and there’s a mesh on top. The MicroG Pen has a mouthpiece to attach to the battery and there is also a cover that when closed, makes it look like an ordinary pen.

It has great melting capacity and delivers quality puffs. The reliable performance and durability of this herbal vaporizer make it an excellent choice when using heavy oils and waxes.

Double the pleasure with the MicroG Pen Vape Starter Kit as it has enough components for 2 users. The kit has 2 batteries/atomizers, 5 rubber mouth pieces, a dab/wax tool, a wall charger, a USB charger, and 2 glass containers.

Slim and powerful, go with the original Gpen maker and order the MicroG Pen Vape Starter Kit while it’s on sale.

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