Karma Classic

Karma Classic electronic cigarette reviews
Finally, electronic devices have been created to propel pipe smoking into the 21st century.

Karma Classic reinvents pipes. If you smoke tobacco pipes or legal herbs, or want to experience the aromatherapeutic benefits of the newest vaping experience, this Karma Classic review is a must-read.

If one has used any kind of pipe such as bongs, water pipe, or the pipes used for smoking tobacco, it’s going to be an incredible experience to try Karma Classic electronic cigarettes.

Karma Classic has the DaVinci model that works by placing in the Loose leaf tobacco, Organic Aromatherapy herbs tobacco or herbs into the devie to burn it.

The DaVinci has two kinds of units which are the DaVinci Vaporizer that has a flexible straw and digital temperature control for use with herbs, herb blends, and oils, while the other kind is a glass portable vaporizer with a dual mouthpiece known as The Ascent.

Karma Classic DaVinci portable e-cig review


These 2 DaVinci units are unlike most other units featured by electronic cigarettes reviews because of their appearance, features, and flexibility of use as these can burn herbs and loose leaf tobacco and may also be used for aromatherapy oils.

Aside from these 2 e-smoking systems, Karma Classic has the classic electronic cigarette in the popular two-piece design with cartridges that can be replaced.

These cartridges contain the oils that are used for the DaVinci models. These oils are made from only natural ingredients that are extracted from organic herbs such as Kava-Kava, Lemon Balm, Hops, Passion Flower, Guarana, Ginger, Green Tea, Spearmint, Valerian, and California Poppy.

These oils are blends created for aromatherapy purposes such as to relax, to feel more calm, enhance memory, breathe better, gain endurance, and more.

Karma Classic is unique and provides the way for the vaping experience to be one with healing and restorative health benefits.

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