Joye 510

Joye 510 is an electronic cigarette brand that offers Manual and Automatic switch batteries. With a choice of Electronic Cigarette Kits from Starter to Mega, Joye 510 has more flavors of e-Liquids than any other brand. The choices of flavorings start from the common flavors such as Chocolate, to fruits such as Coconut, to even beverages such as Lemonade.

Joye 510 has different LED lights to choose from to coordinate with the color of the e-cigarette you choose. For example, the Black Joye has a blue LED light while the Copper one has a Purple LED. This feature is not available in any other brand.

The reviews of Joye 510 state that it gives out a massive amount of water vapor, which is more fulfilling for the one who is using it. Joye 510 has a 3 piece design which is easy to assemble. There are numerous accessories such as carrying cases and eCig holders that come in a wide variety of colors.

Be careful from where you purchase Joye 510 as it is so popular, there are fake ones that are being made. The online dealer for the genuine Joye 510 is ecigExpress and all your purchases are backed by a warranty.

Have you every bought a fake Joye 510? Have you tried any of the numerous flavors that this brand offers? What do you think about Joye 510 and how did it perform? Add to this review by placing your feedback below.

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