iTaste MVP by Innokin

If you’ve been looking for a power-packed vari-volt e-cig that can be recharged using your gadgets, there’s no need to look further!
iTaste MVP by Innokin

The innovative iTaste MVP by Innokin might be said to be the Most Valuable Player in the electronic industry as it does have a few features not found in any other electronic cigarette. It’s heavy-duty vaping pleasure that will last for days, and it’s perfect for heavy vapers.

The variable volt rectangular battery enables you to adjust the intake. The choices with this device goes from 3.3 to 5.0. The battery is 2,600 mAh, which is around 3 times stronger than pen-type electronic cigarettes and more powerful than most other devices.

The other cool features that the iTaste MVP by Innokin include:

– A puff counter
– Has an automatic 10-second shut off after activated
– An Ohmsmeter that indicates the resistance of the atomizer/cartomizer/clearomizer
– Is compatible with other cartomizers such as EGO and 510
– Has an on/off safety switch and over-discharge protection
– Can be recharged using electronic products such as tablet
– Has atomizer/short circuit protection
– Comes with clearmozers with level indicators

iTaste MVP by Innokin reviewsDurable, this electronic cigarette is one of the most high-tech in the market today, providing days of extreme vapor usage.

Get the iTaste MVP by Innokin while it’s on sale!


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