Instead E-Cig

An electronic cigarette is a device that provides a smoker with an alternative option. It may or may not contain nicotine. When a person takes a drag on it, it gets activated. When the person stops taking a puff, the e-cigarette shuts off. A flavored water vapor is emitted through a small hole in the filter that imitates smoke. A LED light goes on to replicate the burning tobacco of a conventional cigarette.

Instead E-Cig
is one of the brands that provides you with something to use instead of tobacco cigarettes. This brand has the typical two break design where the battery, which is the white part, is screwed on to the filter-cartridge that contains holds the nicotine and flavored water vapor. Instead E-Cigs utilizes eLiquid to add in the flavor and the desired nicotine level to that cartridge. These are to be dropped in. Instead eLiquids come in Tobacco, Menthol, Vanilla, Cherry, Peach, and Coffee flavors. There are 4 nicotine levels which range from high to zero.

What do you use instead of traditional cigarettes? What can you use to get a ‘smoke’ instead of e-cigarettes? Do us smokers have a choice? What brand of e-cig have you bought? Have you used Instead E-Cig? Write your review.


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