Hello Smoke Starter Kit

To be square is cool and now there’s a square e-cigarette. The Hello Smoke device has a clear blue cap with a matching atomizer that is see-thru and a white long mouthpiece for that quick draw. The cap has a clip so it can be secured to a shirt pocket.
Hello Smoke Starter Kit

The square design of Hello Smoke electronic cigarettes is unique. It may be used for e-liquid and e-juice and produces a satisfying smoke. Note that this device should not be tipped and held upright or with a slight angle when vaping as it the e-liquid or e-liquid may spill.

The Hello Smoke Starter kit has 2 batteries with are red and steel colored. These batteries are compatible with other 510 batteries like Viva and Nova. Included in this kit is a USB and wall charger.

Buy the Hello Smoke Starter Kit if you’ve been looking for a unique e-cigarette. It’s cool and clear. Get it now while it’s on sale while there’s still stock!

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