Green Smoke

Isn’t it about time to quit smoking? Green Smoke is the solution to staying away from smelly nasty cigarettes. The nicotine vapors in a Green Smoke cigarette has no tar, carcinogens and of course no smell. Don’t worry about burning a hole or covering up the smell of cigarettes in a car or at home. Green smoke has no tar or harmful carcinogens, this electronic cigarette uses an atomizer that creates a vapor with the same nicotine kick as any cigarette.

Green Smoke offers several different types of kits for the any style of smoker there is. This electronic cigarette mimics the look and feel of a tobacco cigarette, there is a small LED light that produces an ember like feel of smoking. Try the Green Smoke Starter today.

The Green Smoke Cigarette has the ability to vaporize nicotine, creating a water vapor that is smooth, flavorful and leaves no scent behind.

The Basic starter kit comes with a set of lithium ion batteries designed to last longer than conventional styles other off brands may offer. The longer battery is for extended use that is just as easy to charge and remove. Choose between a green or red tip light, along with your choice of flavors. The kit comes with five cartridges and two types of charging units. USB and wall mount chargers are perfect for on the go or even in the car. There is no need to worry about burning your clothes, or leaving ashes anywhere because its smokeless!

 Would you like a bigger nicotine kick? Try the larger 18mg cartridge, its full flavor and big nicotine dosage will settle any itch for smoking. If you like to smoke socially, there is a special kit just for you. Try the Green Smoke Social Kit, this includes a battery and charger with an assortment of flavors to sample for your next order. You don’t have to smell like an ashtray, enjoy the rich and tasteful flavors of the Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette.

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