Glass Globe Vaporizer

Now here’s a cool vaping device that’s perfect for thick wax and oils. There’s a clear glass bubble that’ll help you make your world rock!

Glass Globe

This Glass Globe Vaporizer is designed to work with thick wax and heavy oils and not intended for use with any liquids. The glass globe is the receptacle for the oil or wax and it is dripped into the heating coil. With the funnel shape and great heating coil, it produces excellent vapor production without the burnt taste.

This Glass Globe Vaporizer is compatible with the long-lasting eGO batteries and other e-cig batteries that have a 510 threading. This battery is clicked 5 times to turn it on and off. To recharge the battery, the atomizer is unscrewed so that the USB charging cable may be placed.

Glass Globe Vaporizer kit includes one 650mAh battery, the glass globe atomizer, a dab tool, and a USB charger.

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