Us smokers have a more difficult time nowadays to find a place that we can light up. It’s such a hassle when we got to get our oral fixation satisfied. According to the, “Smoking bans are big news these days; most recently, New York City’s new law forbidding residents from lighting up in parks, beaches and public plazas is causing a stir. In the U.S., 38 states have some kind of state-wide legislated action banning smoking, and small exceptions abound for each.”

What can we do when we are, in a way, rejected by society? Gamucci is one of the electronic cigarette brands that offers you Electroninc Nicotine Alternatives. The first brand ever to be sold in Europe, it also boasts of the fact that they created the first disposable e-cigarette. Gamucci has two other kinds of e-cigs which are the Gamucci Micro E cig that is light and compact and the Gamucci Classic E cigs which is larger and has a more powerful water vapor delivery system.

Gamucci or another brand of e-cigarettes is the only alternative us smokers have right now to satisfy our oral fixation.

We have come to a point in time that owning an e-cigarette is a neccessity. How do you feel about the smoking bans? Have your e-cig ever been mistaken for a tobacco cigarette? You may use the comment form below this review for your feedback.


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