eTech Ecig

Enjoy the e-smoking sensation with the variable volt vaping option and be able to recharge this device that also can be used as flashlight using an Iphone 4 and more as the cable can be used as a Mini USB and Micro USB.

etech ecig

The eTech Ecig has a streamlined pen-like design and buttons for activation and to chose the voltage desired. has a digital display so that when you lessen or increase the intake of flavored vapor, it’s exact. The variable voltage goes from 3.0 to 6.0, and this may be added to or lessened by 0.1v increments.

The eTech Ecig long-life battery has the 510/Ego threading. It also has an emergency powerbank which is a feature seldom found in e-cigs.


This eTech ecig is a practical and wise buy as aside from it being used as a personal vaporizer, it also works as a flashlight, making it a pretty handy and a double purpose purchase, and it has the features of vari-volt vaping that makes it easy to select the power of the intake for best satisfaction.

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