What does Ryan Seacrest, Leonardo de Caprio, and Johnny Depp have in common? They all have used e-cigarettes. What made these celebrities get into vaping? It must be because it stylish, cool, and allows them to get a nicotine hit anywhere. We also know that these guys are into fitness, so they must have been thinking about quitting smoking.

Using e-cigs is fashionable. It’s either you have one that performs well and emits a large cloud of water vapor or you are struggling with a lousy brand that hardly generates ‘smoke’.

You could be tasting Espresso or Vanilla, and the other flavors such as Chocolate or Cherry when you use a brand such as eluma which sells eCigs that are either white or black with a red LED light.

This eluma,  an electronic cigarette with a 2 piece design, is rechargeable and has replaceable cartridges, it could be the right one to suit your needs. Try stylish e-cigs with flavor like eluma. Read the electronic cigarette reviews to see what would be the best one to buy.

E-cig vaping is the wave of the future. These brands are made with micro-technology and all seek to replicate the action of taking a drag on a traditional cigarette. Yet, it is very different as the taste sensation can be fantastic. Get rid of smokers breath, take a puff anywhere, taste a new flavor – find the right one or buy different brands by checking out these EpicSmoke e-cig reviews.

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