Elips Ecig Vaporizer Kit

It’s a common misconception that only large ecigs can deliver a powerful vapor.

The Elips Ecig is super slim and is the light weight choice that you’ll love.

Elips Ecig Vaporizer
The Elips Ecigs come in black, white, red, royal blue, and wood. With the compact MicroG size, it provides hours of vaping pleasure, as each charge will last for around 350 vape hits.

The battery, that takes an hour or two to charge, is the 5 click type that provides a 10 second draw to automatically go to the pause mode after. This 10 second draw gives you a longer period of time to take a puff than many other electronic cigarettes. The battery LED light also signals when it is low batt and time to recharge.

The Elips Ecig has 4 components which are the health cap that is also known as a hygienic cap, the mouthpiece to which the health cap is placed, the clearomizer that holds the e-liquid, a battery.

Note that upon placing in the e-liquid, you’ll have to wait for 45 minutes for the wick to be soaked well to prevent the atomizer being burned out.

Buy the Elips Ecig Vaporizer Kit while it’s on sale.

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