EGO-X2 Quick Starter Kit

EGO-X2 Quick Starter Kit
Load it up with e-juice, oil, or wax concentrate, and enjoy the great vapor production of this pen e-cigarette. The EGO-X2 has the F1 atomizer for versatile use. With the F1 atomizer, there’s no need to ever change the heating core.

With 4 parts, one of which is a cap with a clip so you may secure it to a shirt pocket, it’s the height of discreet and sleek for that vaping pleasure be it for any e-juice flavor or oil and wax concentrates. Anyone who looks at will be deceived into thinking that it just a pen when in fact it is a high-tech ecig that is performance packed.

The EGO-X2 comes in great solid colors which are black, light green, purple, pink, red, and white.

The EGO-X2 Quick Starter Kit includes a 650 mAh battery unit that has the 5-click on/off button, an F1 atomizer cartridge, an atomizer shield, a USB charger, and an empty needle tip refill bottle. Note that this empty need tip refill bottle may not include retail shelf packaging.

EGO-X2 Quick Starter Kit reviewsGet the EGO-X2 Quick Starter Kit when you want an e-cigarette that can be used for 3 different kinds of load.

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