EGO-WThe EGO-W is also known as the F1 e-cig has the Eliq feature. With multiple use as an ecig and herbal vaporizer, various stuff like e-liquids, e-juice, thick oils, and wax may be placed inside.

Sleek, it packs the power to give a very satisfactory hit. Looking similar to a pen, having a cap to complete the discreet look, it has an well-designed cylindrical cartomizer that has a larger capacity of 2ml which can give out at least 500 puffs with heavy intakes to a max of 1,200 for light use.

This cartomizer has a larger capicity than the former EGO models and has the Eliq feature which stops the e-liquid from leaking.

To activate the EGO-W, the battery is clicked 5 times to turn the power on and off. This clicking is a safety feature that extends the battery life of this e-cig, which can last for around 8 hours of use.

The EGO-W ecig kit includes a 650mAh rechargeable battery unit, an atomizer, a USB charging cable, and a small zipper case and costs $29.95. With the versatility of use and looking like a pen, this is a good choice to make when looking for an electronic cigarette who wants an herbal vaporizer use with waxes and thick oils.

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