EGO-W Twin Starter Kit

EGO W Twin Starter Kit   VAPES

Get double the F1 e-cigarette for that superb vaping experience with the EGO-W Twin Starter Kit that also functions as an herbal vaporizer. Use the extra one in another place, as back up for power, for the other flavor, or for someone else to use.

The EGO-W is sleek and delivers a great amount of vapor. Pen-like, it has a cylindrical cartomizer with a 2ml capacity which is a lot more than other EGO ecig models that typically can hold only 1.6 ml.

The EG0-W may be filled with either eliquids, ejuice, wax, and thick oils, a load can last a heavy vaper around 500 puffs. The EGO-W has the Eliq feature that makes it leak proof.

The battery last for 8 hours and is turned off and on by clicking the button 5 times. This saves on battery power. There are 3 battery choices which are 1100mAh, 900mAh, or 650mAh.

When you order the EGO-W Twin Starter Kit, it’s double the vaping pleasure. The kit includes:

2 battery units with push button (black)
2 F1 atomizers shield (black)
2 cartomizer caps (black)
2 atomizers
2 mouthpieces
1 USB charger
1 wall charger
1 manual
1 bottle
1 Box or black Vapes case
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