DripStick Wax Pen Vape

DripStick Wax Pen Vape

This DripStick Wax Pen Vape is used with thick oils and wax and has an awesome choice of colors. If you compare it with other vaporizers and oil pens such as MicroG, G-Pen, Cloudpen, Cloud Vape, and Trippystick, you’ll surely like the way this Vhit looks and works.

Other vaporizers don’t have this appeal that make using the DripStick Wax Pen Vape a lot more fun. With a dozen cool colors such as white, grey, pink, red, yellow, green orange, sky blue, blue, purple, and black, you may even use a color to match your mood or get one for wax and another for thick oils.

DripStick Wax Pen Vape 2

To load the wax and thick oil, one simply places it on top of the wired mesh. And, it’s easy to use as there’s a large button to press for one to simply enjoy the vaping process.

The DripStick Wax Pen Vape comes with a gift box, an instruction booklt, a dab/wax tool, 2x battery/atomizer, a USB charger and a wall charger adapter.

If you’ve been looking for that cool dripstick that has the easy of use and a great look, this one is it, and you can buy the DripStick Wax Pen Vape on SALE for only $49.95.

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