Dab Vaporizer Wax/Oil Pen

This VHit atomizer performs excellently and is used for heavy oils and thick wax. It has larger components that most other wax/oil pens, making taking a hit much easier. It’s one of the coolest looking herbal vaporizer and oil pens in the market today.

The Dab Vaporizer Wax/Oil Pen has is one of the best oil and wax pens and it’s on sale at the right price.

Dab Vaporizer Wax-Oil Pen

It has features that make one get to stop wasting oil and wax dabs such as having a larger bowl area perfect for wax access and dabbing and a larger coil that make it perform great. The wick is shorter that other VHit atomizers, too.

There are 3 different kinds of Dab Vaporizer Wax/Oil Pen batteries which are 650 mAh, 900 mAh, and 1100 mAh so you can choose the power up required.

The discreet and sleek Dab Vaporizer Wax/Oil Pen comes in a kit that includes and EGO battery, 2 Vhit atomizers, a pen cap which works as an atomizer cover with a clip so you can secure it in a shirt pocket, a USB charger and wall charger adapter, and a dab tool.

On SALE for $49.95, take advantage of the limited time offer to get a FREE VAPES carrying case when you order the Dab Vaporizer Wax/Oil Pen.

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