Christmas Ecig Stocking Stuffer Kit


Electronic cigarettes make great gift and here’s a special one for the holidays. The Christmas Ecig Stocking Stuffer Kit comes in a beautiful box that is shaped like a Christmas tree and it is complete.

Take this opportunity to give gifts smokers that will help them kick the habit, provide them with an alternative choice, and allow them to continue ‘smoking’ in places where it is banned. Who knows that by giving this Christmas Ecig Stocking Stuffer Kit to a loved one, associate, or friend, that person might make the switch to ecigs.

This Christmas ecig kit is also a great gift to give to a person who already uses electronic cigarettes so they may have new one.

There’s no need to wrap this up as the box itself is wonderful. There’s a choice of green and red box and ecig. Aside from that, there’s a whole load of e-liquid flavor choices such as RY4 Tobacco, Vanilla Bean, Wildcherry Burst, White Tic Tac, Cookie Dough, and Chocolate Milk, Menthol Delight, and that of the nicotine level which are 24mg, 18mg, 12mg, 6mg, and 0mg.

The Christmas Ecig Stocking Stuffer Kit has the following items:

1 EGO 650mah Battery
1 Mini Protank Atomizer
2 Additional Atomizer Coil Heads
1 USB Charger
1 bottle of 5ml Juishy E-Juice
1 Christmas Gift Box Packaging


This holiday season, one can give a gift that’ll make a difference. It might be what a smoker has been waiting for. Millions of people all over the world have stopped smoking because of ecigs and many have greatly reduced their use of tobacco products because of it.

Buy the Christmas Ecig Stocking Stuffer Kit today and get free shipping in the US for order over $50.

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