Bull Smoke Review

Bull Smoke is definitely a man’s electronic cigarette! With 10 different flavors, you have the ability to select your nicotine level starting from 0mg all the way to a strong 24mg of nicotine and flavor is just as bold as the others. It is in fact their bold flavors and packaging which is why I call this the electronic cigarette for men.

They also offer disposable Buckshot e-cigs that will last a couple days, they are definitely a lot cheaper than the starter kits which make it the perfect price to just try them out. You will get the same quality and flavor as you would with a full starter kit. So if you still want to shop around but still sample Bull Smoke, then get the Buckshot. Otherwise do it up and get one of the starter kits.

Bull Smoke e-cigarette starter kits are available in White and Black, but you can get batteries in Yellow as well. If you want to cheap it up then go ahead and just orderĀ  a single battery, USB charger and some cartridges. Either way Bull Smoke would also make a great gift for the man in your life if not yourself.

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