Breath Fresh E-Cigs

Breath Fresh E-Cigs has been in the market for the past 5 years. With their new improved electronic cigarette model, Breath Fresh E-Cigs might be the perfect one for you. Read the review to learn more about why this brand is one of the best.

The most common problem that many electronic cigarette users have when they buy certain upgraded models is the fuss that goes into using those. Unlike traditional cigarettes and Breath Fresh E-Cigs, most of those other models have all these small components that must be screwed in place, e-liquids have to be dropped in, a button has to be pressed, and sometimes, those are way to fat and fancy in design that it draws to much attention.

State-of-the-Art Design

Made from 2 components, all that one has to do is to screw in the cartridge part to the battery when it is fully recharged.

To use, take a puff. It activates the process of turning the e-liquid inside into vapor to inhale. When the inhalation stops, it automatically shuts off this electronic cigarette.

As the person is taking a drag, a glowing orange LED light turns on at the end to mimic the burning tobacco of traditional cigarettes.

If one takes a puff and the ‘smoke’ that is inhaled is no longer as full as before, discard the old cartridge and replace it with a new one.

That’s it! User-friendly, get rid of the fuss, and take an e-smoke whenever you want with less hassle that most other brands when you choose Breath Fresh E-Cigs.

Highest Vapor Volume In The Industry

The voluminous white clouds of ‘smoke’ that is generated by this brand makes it a more satisfying experience. Smokers have the need to fill and this one is the duplicate that you have been looking for.

Taking a puff with more vapor even gets to lower the number of drags that you take, especially if the nicotine level of choice is high. Satisfy the urge to smoke for a longer period of time with the one that has the highest vapor volume among all the brands.

It Isn’t To Late To Break The Habit

Many of us have New Year’s resolutions that we break. Yet, this could be the year that you don’t break the ‘I will stop smoking’ resolution. Here’s the easy way to do it – so easy – it almost seems like cheating!

Breath Fresh E-Cigs Resolution Kit $39.99

1 Lithium ion rechargeable Breathe Fresh eCig cigarette battery
1 USB charger
1 Wall charger
3 Refill cartridges
1 Breathe Fresh e-cigarette manual

The other electronic cigarette kits are the Basic Starter Kit 2.0 and the Couples kits. All these kits are covered with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, 1 Year Warranty. When you order Breath Fresh E-Cigs, there is nothing extra to pay as this company offers Free Shipping.

Breath Fresh E-Cigs

4 Nicotine Levels
High, Medium, Low, and None

7 Flavor Choices
Marlboro, Tobacco, Menthol, Coffee, Vanilla, Apple, and Cherry

Try Breath Fresh E-Cigs today and enjoy their affordable high-quality products and award winning customer service.

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