Blu Cig Reviews

With so many testimonials out there, it’s a challenge knowing who’s Blu Electronic Cigarette review is credible. There’s no foolproof way of knowing for sure which Blu cig reviews have merit through an online interface. But, there are some red flags you can watch for. I’ll touch on that another time. Right now, I’d like to share my Blu Cigarette experience with you.

I first heard talk of electronic cigarettes just a few years back, and like a lot of people, my interest was pretty much instant (despite a healthy amount of skepticism). I did a lot of research into the claims I ran across, and eventually decided that Blu cigs seemed the best product out of the bunch. I had reservations, but I was excited by the prospect of having the freedom to smoke in public, lowering the amount of nicotine I took in, and saving money doing it. I was on the fence for a month and a half going over it before I finally yielded and put my order in for a kit.

Iwas like a kid waiting for the Blu Electric Cigarette Starter Kit to reach my mailbox, and my excitement wasn’t wasted. Smoking Blu cigs was very much like smoking a regular cigarette. I fell in love with the flavor. There are some interesting differences though. Blu cigs don’t stay lit. They vape after you take a puff, so the Blu Electronic Cigarette winds up being longer-lasting than its conventional counterpart (a strong indicator of the money it saves). Very early on, I began to prefer Blu over my Marlboros. But, my bliss was to be short-lived with this kit.

Just two months after its arrival, all of the Blu packs were recalled due to a fairly serious malfunction with the charger. Reluctantly, thinking that was that, I tried other brands. And, nothing compared. None of the brands I tried came close. I thought that was the end of a good thing, but Blu reemerged triumphantly. The glitch that caused fire to spark between the chargers and some of the packs was fixed. They’d also optimized cartridges to be longer-lasting. The flavor was even improved upon. For over a year, the new kit has been trouble-free.

I’ve been lowering my intake of nicotine during this span of time little by little. When three months pass, I order a lower-strength cartridge. I’ve weaned myself off of cigarettes this way. It’s one of the best ways to kick the habit. As nicotine is lowered, those maddening withdrawals a smoker usually has to wrangle with aren’t present. The benefits of smoking Blu Electronic Cigarettes are numerous.

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