Blu Cig Review

Blu Cig has a cool design and is technologically advanced. It’s a black e-cig that radiates with a color blue LED light every time you take a puff. This brand also offers other e-cig colors aside from black. Blu E-Cig has the standard features of an electronic cigarette and it has reliability in performance, full bursts of water vapor flavor, and facilitates ease of use.

A 2-break electronic cigarette, the components are streamlined to give maximum delivery. The Smoke Juice is 100% Made in the USA by Johnson Creek. Blu E-Cig has a Propylene glycol-free formula. The cartridge and atomizer are combined to ensure that each of the 250 puffs that you can get from it is the best that technology can provide. If you are looking for an e-cigarette, Blu E-Cig will serve you well.

Blu E-Cig has a number of flavors such as Cherry Crush, Java Jolt, Magnificent Menthol, and Classic Tobacco. Tickle your taste buds. Using an e-cigarette is non-fattening and is a delightful way to enjoy various tastes without the calories.

What’s your favorite e-cigarette flavor? What kind of flavor would you like to  try? Have you tried Blu E-Cig or any other brand of electronic cigarettes just for  the taste of it? Tell people what you think – use this review to get heard. Tell your e-cig story, as it might help someone make a decision that will change their life.

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    • Yes, some brands do have both, some brands carry just one kid. I would getting one made in the US though like Blu cigs, I think they have a sale right now and some new product.

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