Apollo E-Cig Review

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About Apollo E-Cigs

Apollo E-Cig has been in the industry for over 5 years. The company takes pride in the fact that their product line is manufactured in the USA without any component that is outsourced, unlike other brands of e-cigs. With their own research and development department, the Apollo E-Cig company has the distinction of being one of the few brands that can give the assurance of contantly improving the quality of their products.

The Apollo currently has 5 different models of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers. I will be reviewing the two most popular models of electronic cigarette designs which are the standard 2-piece electronic cigarette which is more common and resembles a regular cigarette, these are available in black or white. The other review is for the popular eGo CE4 3-piece vaporizer which more closely resembles a cigar. Both kinds of electronic cigarettes are the rechargeable but the eGo ecig has a longer battery life and more powerful vapor hits.

Apollo Standard Starter Kit Review

The standard Apollo electronic cigarette kit is pretty much like any other popular electronic cigarette expect you get the same great flavors and level of customer service that Apollo provides. You can find similar ecigs cheaper from other reputable brands like V2 Cigs, but the prices aren’t that much different and other companies will not have the same flavors that Apollo offers.

Apollo Extreme Starter Kit Review

This is pretty much like the Standard Starter Kit but comes with different accessories. There isn’t very much difference except the accessories and price. You will be able to order the same flavors for both models. I also think they have some additional accessories that come with this or a special free case deal that is not in the picture, check out the site if you want to know more.

Apollo eGo (CE4) Superior Kit Review

Now this is my absolute favorite way to vaporize and my favorite model of electronic cigarette! Sure the other types of electronic cigarettes are what got me into e-cigs but as I got more into vaping I eventually wanted to try out different flavors and experiment with various ejuice mixes. That is why the eGo is perfect for me and anyone else who wants more freedom and fun with a DIY approach to refilling your own ecigs. There are plenty of other companies that you can order ejuice from which work with the eGo model as well. So you are not just stuck to ordering from a single company with limited flavors, good thing Apollo has a ton of flavors… just sayin.

My Favorite Electronic Cigarette Vaporizer!

BUYER BEWARE!!! There are other companies that sell this same exact model, but you really need to watch out when ordering from other companies because bootleg models are being made with cheap parts and you have no idea what chemicals you may be inhaling when these cheaper fake models start to break down.

Apollo E-cig Flavors and E-juice

Apollo E-Cig offers a variety of flavors, currently over 19 flavors and 5 nicotine levels to choose from, namely, Extra Strength, High, Medium, Low and No Nicotine. All of these flavors are available in ejuice for the eGo kit or if you want to refill your own standard disposable ecig cartomizers but not all flavors are available as prepackaged cartridges/cartomizers. Here is a current list of flavors:

  • Green Apple – Very candy-apple like flavor that is crisp and refreshing.
  • Almond Joyee – A tasty coconut and chocolate flavor that tastes like the candy bar.
  • Banana – Banana flavor that reminds me of banana runt candies or dried banana chips.
  • Blueberry Kona Coffee – A darker bolder flavor with a hint of blueberry. I thought the blueberry would be more powerful but it wasn’t bad.
  • Cappuccino – I didn’t try this one yet.
  • Clove – I love this flavor, tastes like black licorice or black jelly beans.
  • French Vanilla – One of the top 5 flavors, tastes like French Vanilla.
  • Classic Tobacco – great classic tobacco flavor comparable to Marlboro Red cigarettes.
  • Classic Tobacco Menthol – Menthol flavor similar made with real menthol but minue the toxins that regular menthol cigarettes are known to have.
  • Mango Peach – Absolutely delicious if you are into mango and peach flavors, and I love peach tea so this is great for me.
  • Razzle – Another one I didn’t try yet but apparently it’s raspberry flavored.
  • Rocky Road – I really wasn’t too into this flavor, I didn’t think it tasted much like the famous ice cream. Ick.
  • RY4 – Slight caramel flavor and one of my favorite flavors for ecigs.
  • Sahara – A medium Turkish tobacco flavor comparable to Camel cigarettes.

Why Vape with Apollo Ecigs?

Other than their great product line and variety of awesome flavors, the one thing you will appreciate when you order from Apollo is that they have great customer service and genuine products with quality, no knock-off that other junk brands put out which can be potentially dangerous.

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Final Thoughts

Vaping ecigs to me started off as a lifestyle and health choice but has progressed more into a hobby that I enjoy.

Cigarettes used to relax me but then I started feeling guilty about smoking all the time and smelling gross. Now I just use ecigs to relax and calm and cigarette cravings I do have. Now I still will smoke a traditional analog cigarette now and then but that is rare and regular cigarettes kinda make me feel sick now when I smoke them. I just really enjoy my eGo from Apollo!

Wikipedia describes these an e-cigarette as “an electrical device that attempts to simulate the act of tobacco smoking by producing an inhaled mist bearing the physical sensation, appearance, and often the flavor and nicotine content of inhaled tobacco smoke. The device uses heat, or in some cases ultrasonics, to vaporize a propylene glycol- or glycerin-based liquid solution into an aerosol mist, similar to the way a nebulizer or humidifier vaporizes solutions for inhalation.”

With the smoking bans being imposed in more areas, smokers are now looking at the option of using an e-cigarette to satisfy the urge. Are you currently using any of the Apollo E-Cig products or any other brand ? Have you tried this particular brand? Please write your review below in the comments.

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