Best Dry Herb Vaporizer Pens in Order

Here is a list of all of my favorite portable dry herb vapes and herbal vaporizer pens that I own and have used multiple times. I’ve also posted a few highlights and features for each one.


viva-vaporizer-01Viva Vaporizer – Made by Airistech, this portable vaporizer has a larger bowl than most other portable vapes.The other great thing is that is has a cool LED screen which allows you to set your exact temperature.

Goes from 350 to 430 degrees Fahrenheit.

Overall: Most convenient, works great, fun to play with.

Available for for $129.99


tripperflask-vaporizer-_8Tripperflask – This thing is sweet and looks awesome. You can get some pretty huge vape hits. It also comes with an awesome wooden box that you can use to put all your vaped material.

Has three temp settings: 370, 420, and 450F degrees.

Overall: Looks awesome and makes me feel badass. Works great too!

Available for for $179.00


titan_i_herbal_vaporizer__11591.1405422885.1280.1280Titan Vaporizer – I like the original Titan because it’s cheap and works awesome. The only problem is that the mouthpiece comes off easy and not only can you lose it but it spills in your pocket. Best to keep it in a case.

Has three temp settings.

Overall: I just love this one. It was my first and one of my favorite vaporizers.

Available for $59.95


imag-plus-vaporizer-07Imag+ Vaporizer – I used to like this thing but the mouthpiece kept falling off and now I lost them and for that reason I think it sucks. That is really all I have to say about this.

Overall: It’s awesome because it comes with a vial that allows you to vape wax concentrates. Plus I got that wood grain design!

Available for $119.99


titan-2Titan II Vaporizer – This vape pens works great but feels bulky and weird in my hand. It’s suppose to be better than the original Titan, but I actually prefer than one instead though this one has a digital screen and allows you to set the temp.

Goes from 200-428F.

Overall: All my friends like it but I don’t

Available for for $99.99


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