Legal Wax Extracts and Concentrates

waxEveryone wants to know where to get legal wax extracts and legal wax concentrates. Well let me tell you that there are only a few herbal extracts that are available as a wax in which you can dab on a rig or vape in a vape pen.

Kava Wax has been pretty popular ever since Thrillist published an article about it. Now everyone and thier mom wants to try Kava Kava dabs. Now it’s all over reddit and related forums. The deal is, yeah it works, but it’s Kava Kava and the effects are subtle and minimal. It also smells better before you vape it and the taste isn’t exactly something to write home about.

CBD Wax is another option that is legal in 50 states. Derived from industrial hemp, CBD or Cannabidiol is apparently effective for helping with anxiety, mild aches and pains and promoting overall wellness.

CBD Vape Pens are vape pens specially made for CBD oil vaping, LM has oils at $20 off with the following code “TSTY” (Tasty Hemp Oil products).

Other cool items of interest include legal lean drink concoctions, cbd vapes & dab rigs, CBD hemp oil tincture, CBD capsules and CBD vape juice.

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