A Brief History of Cannabis Legalization

The Dry Herb Dilemma

How far back can you remember the dry herb dilemma?  This dry herb, aka marijuana, ganja, yesca, mota, greenage, has been a part of our society since before movies were released in theaters in the 1920s.  Personally, I can remember as far back when I was in high school and Cheech & Chong, the original weed distributors, movies were forbidden in my house.  Which meant, I went to a friends house to watch them on VHS, not even knowing what it was like to smoke. Back then, you only heard about how harmful marijuana was for you and more importantly, the illegality of it. But times have changed….movies are now all in 3D, Cheech & Chong are retired, cannabis can now be smoked by our vhit vaporizer pens and marijuana has now been proven to be good for you.  Let’s recap on this development and see where we are headed! Go ahead and load your vhit vape pens, this is a good one.  Oh yeah, and don’t forget to become a wholesale vape pen customer of ours, the time is now!

States Offer Reluctant Acceptance

Back in 1996, California was the trend setter when it legalized marijuana with Proposition 215. Oregon, Alaska, and Washington soon followed the example a couple years later in 1998.  Since then, there is a total of 24 states that have legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes. This has resulted in innovative and genius ways to smoke your medical product or even eat/drink your product now.  And so our Vhit vape pen product series is doing rather well, from dry herbs to wax concentrates, our customers are loving it. Say good bye to Bic lighters!  On the dark side flip side though, these 24 states have created a huge boom in not only grow facilities to accommodate this new demand, but also in dispensaries that distribute the medical cannabis to patients. So on one side you have the commerce being generated and tax dollars being collected by states on distribution, but on the other side you have the politics of owning a dispensary and the negative feedback from parts of the community on the operation of one. This is the current hurdle trying be jumped over with states who have legalized it for medicinal purposes and one of the primary reasons why some were so reluctant to do so.


CBD Emergence

Now for you visual learners…. is it politics (repub vs demo) or coincidence?  When looking at a map of the current states who have legalized cannabis for medical use (courtesy of NORML), you notice something peculiar. None of the south-eastern states in the U.S. have considered medical legalization, except for very, very recent developments in Texas and Florida.  But what these states have legalized, is the use of CBD oils, which are characterized by having less than 3% THC content.  This CBD oil has been shown to demonstrate positive results to cancer, epilepsy, arthritis, and AIDS patients. CBD Vape Oil can be used with any oil vape pen product, similar to an e-cigarette, but without the nicotine of course.  Times are changing!  Alternative medicines are on the agenda of almost half of the states in the United States, something “right” must be going on.  Let’s hope the rest of the states catch on!

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